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The life of a business owner, entrepreneur, key manager, or self-employed professional can feel pretty isolated. Even though we are surrounded by customers, prospects, referral partners, and maybe even a few strategic partners, we can feel very alone. Alone with our fears, our doubts, our uncertainties, and ultimately our own thoughts -- both positive and negative. Is there anyone who really understands what we're going through? The answer is yes . We do -- and so do many others.

The Power of Community – We believe there is great  power and effectiveness contained within a small, dedicated group  of business professionals -- a community of sorts. More than just a networking or referral group, our members find a place to focus on growth, cultivate opportunity, create and build relationships,  embrace accountability, and do all of it in a continual learning environment.  Mutual success through mutual commitment, cooperation, and creativity.

Our Mission – Impact our larger community through the creation of smaller ones.

Workshops & Seminars – Our workshops and seminars are put together with small business in mind. We know that small business owners, employees, and self-employed professionals need to sharpen their current skills, acquire new information, and do both without breaking the bank.  Our local workshops are extremely economical in terms of both time and financial investment. Be sure to get on our email list to receive announcements and information on upcoming events.

Our Leadership – Terry Crouson is the owner and founder of Silver Coach Solutions, LLC.  He is dedicated to helping business owners, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and self-employed professionals succeed individually while finding purpose and  fulfillment in a dedicated community. He is a highly respected business coach, speaker, facilitator, and community builder. Terry is  a DISC Certified Behavioral Consultant. 

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Our FOCAL Groups and Workshops are designed  to empower you, the business professional, with the information, knowledge and relationships you need to  succeed. There is power in community and there is satisfaction and fulfillment in helping to create the community culture. Is it the right fit for you? Let's talk.

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